Mercury Cougar
XR7-G Rides
Plenty of gorgeous pictures of Mercury Cougar XR7-G's from across the country!
Be sure to keep checking back to see if one of these rare finds may be for sale.
Cougar One
First Production 1967 Cougar, owned by Jim and Elaine Pinkerton
John Benoit Dick Hertzler
Fran Bird Ed Hill
Virgil Brown Brian Holman
William Dean John Karnoski
Paul Decker Craig Keith
Mark and Karla Eaton Jon Manning
Darin Felton Chris Noyer
Scott Ferguson Ralph Pagington
Randy Feuillerat Stephen Palmer
George and Toni Gower Jim and Elaine Pinkerton
Craig Herndon Eric Schroeder
 XR7-G at the Henry Ford

Pictures of "G" Cougar row and more from the 1997 Nationals in Bellevue


Do you have a 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G? 
If so, we would like to invite you to send us a picture of your car so we could put it on a page.  Whether it's a parts car, in-progress, modified, or stock, it doesn't matter--we would still be glad to have it online!  We would also like to know any information on your "G" car so we can publish it with the picture.  For more information, drop an email!
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