XR7-G Center Caps
     The XR7-G's originally were intended to have been equipped with Rader brand cast aluminum wheels; and in fact, a few hundred cars were delivered before problems started happening to the customers.  The Rader Wheels were recalled and replaced by styled steel Wheels.  Here is an picture of an original XR7-G center cap and its attaching parts.  These are hard to find in this great NOS condition; fortunately, there are fantastic reproduction caps and emblems available from several vendors.
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Front View of Center Cap Side View of Center Cap Rear View of Center Cap
     The center cap used originally with the aluminum wheels were cast brass with chrome plating; pictured hubcaps labeled #1.  Cars with the Rader Wheels that escaped the recall or those that have been exchanged would typically have this cap.  
      Some time later in the production cycle, the aluminum cap started appearing.  It was also chrome plated but as you can see in the pictured hubcaps labeled #2, aluminum and chrome attack each other over time.  
      Pictured hubcaps #3 is of the great reproduction caps that you can get from vendors.  John Baumann, phone number:  (616) 396-0390, manufactures and sells these caps.  If you are missing the caps on your XR7-G, don't delay ordering because supplies are very limited.  John also sells the retaining hardware and a full-line of original and reproduction Cougar parts for all years and models. 
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